Mother Theresa – A True Example Of A Leading Authority

There is this “new fad”: we are inundated by people talking about “manufacturing authority”. Their idea is to create something that doesn’t exist. Today I would like to talk about something we all crave, instead: real leadership.When Pope Francis canonized Mother Theresa, he said “I think, perhaps, we may have some difficulty in calling her […]

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Small Business Growth – Why Don’t They See The Real Value Of What I Offer?

… aka why people see and value the contribution of some experts while others remain invisible…So you are a modern professional, expert and entrepreneur. You do good work that can really help people. Why is it that sometimes people don’t see the real value of your contribution? You work hard on marketing your business and […]

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Getting New Clients Online – 8 Tricky Truths

If you are an independent professional, and expert, an entrepreneur you know that online is not the future: it is the present. You might be seeing your colleagues around you getting great results from their online efforts and wonder… how does it really work?When I moved to Germany to marry my dear-German-engineer husband, I had […]

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